Digital Atlas

The Digital Atlas was created using Esri’s Story Maps cloud-based narrative mapping application. Story Maps, part of ArcGIS Online, Esri’s cloud-based mapping and GIS platform, is a template-based application that can be used to build stories of all kinds. Tabular data, spreadsheet data, and other data formats can be combined with data published by Esri and many other leading mapping data sources to create interactive maps. Other types of graphic and narrative information can be integrated within the templates to support the development and communication of stories.

The Digital Atlas allows users to view the locations where workshop participants responded to the landscape overlaid on an existing conditions base map. The user can sort the responses by theme or category to see the spatial relationships between themed responses and place. While scrolling through the base map the photographs of participants and their responses are viewable in a sidebar. This mapping documents the unaltered participant responses, preserving their crowd-sourced information. In the interactive atlas that follows, eight maps represent the project team's interpretations of the workshop participants' responses to the landscape, combined with the team’s site readings undertaken during cultural landscape analysis.

The workshop participant responses may be viewed in the window below:

The cultural landscape analysis maps may be viewed in the window below: