Project Findings

The tabs above for Movement Workshops and Cultural Landscape Analysis include reflections from Project Co-Directors Katie Schetlick and Rob McGinnis on: 

  • Methodologies of the movement workshops as potential tools to inform future landscape site reading, planning and design; and
  • The value of crowd-sourced landscape interpretations and how these interpretations can augment and even transform standard cultural landscape analysis methodologies and site analysis design methodologies typically used by planners and designers.

If you have questions or comments for either of the Project Co-Directors their contact information is:

Katie Schetlick,

Annotated Bibliography

The project team developed an annotated bibliography of various sources that were reviewed and consulted during the project. The bibliography includes numerous texts, documents, and websites that cover community movement-based projects; walking as cultural production; technology related to mapping, visualization, movement, and interpretation; cartography and atlases; community and participatory mapping; public engagement and involvement; urban planning, and other topics.

The annotated bibliography can be downloaded here.